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Development Services

The proper structure of a merger or acquisition of your business is usually the most important step in this transaction. Very often, the purchase price is dependent upon how the transaction is structured. We can assist you in this process through an analysis of the tax ramifications and your cash flow once the transaction is executed.

Operational & Organizational Reviews

We routinely consult with our clients on many issues in order to provide them with the benefit of our financial reporting, tax and business experience. Certain specialized areas in which we have conducted more involved consulting engagements are:


  • Preparing forecasts and projections of business results for purposes of carrying out a merger or obtaining bank financing.

  • Budgeting for business and non-profit clients in order to help the organization ensure that revenues and expenses are on track.

  • Helping our clients to identify benchmarks and performance measurements that will enable them to monitor the success of their organizations.

  • Identifying internal control problems in organizations and designing solutions to those problems.

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